Jon Cohen Memorial Fund

The Jon Cohen Memorial Fund and the Marines Corps

Each year the Jon Cohen Memorial Fund will make a donation that helps families of severely wounded Marines and Sailors serving within the special operations community of the Marine Corps. 

We were very happy and humbled to be able to make our fifth donation to the Brothers in Arms Foundation at the 5th Annual Cpl. Jonathan G. Cohen Memorial Golf Tournament.  

The Brothers In Arms Foundation was created in 2009 to help provide financial and logistical support to family members of severely wounded Marines and Sailors serving within the Special Operations Community of the United States Marine Corps.  Since their inception they have raised over $60,000.00 and have been able to support over a dozen families throughout the United States. 

The Brothers In Arms Foundation built a home for the family of Eden Pearl, an instructor of Jon’s Reconnaissance training, who was severely injured in 2009 by an IED in the Heart Province of Afghanistan while on his fourth combat tour. As a result of his injuries, Eden had to have both of his legs and one of his arms amputated. Some doctors and surgeons have said that Eden is the most wounded man ever to survive in the history of the United States Military. Eden has spent 2 years recovering in hospitals in San Antonio, Tampa, and Denver, and one year in Omaha to undergo intense rehabilitation for his TBI. Eden’s wife, Alicia and their daughter Avery moved in and out of several apartments and rental houses and were able to return to San Antonio where the Brothers In Arms Foundation built them a home. Being in San Antonio was a necessity as the military burn center and VA polytrauma unit are both located there.

As a small grassroots organization based out of Palm Beach County Florida they have been blessed with an all volunteer staff, which allows 100% of all donations to go directly to those who need it most.

The Brothers In Arms Foundation conducts annual charity fund raising events such as the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington D.C, the Bataan Memorial Death March in White Sands New Mexico and many other local fundraisers throughout the country.  

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